The last few days we have heard rumours from various local people about a confused man who appears to look like Christiaan. Obviously we immediately carried out an extensive investigation. Further analysis proved that it appeared to concern two different persons and it also didn’t give us useful information to look further into.
It might be good to realize that westerners tend to “get confused a little” in a country such as Nepal. Moreover, just like we think that all Nepalese people look alike, they think the same about us westerners.
Since we want to investigate every single option and we can’t fully exclude the possibility that one of the confused men is Christiaan, we asked a team of sardogs to further investigate this matter. On their Facebook page they give updates on their search. Questioning the locals requires a specific approach. The Sardogs write that:
“They will walk along the way again and ask in every village for witnesses, if they have seen a person like Christiaan. In past days, some said they had seen a tourist like him, but we have to verify this. It is always better if a Nepali asks these questions than a foreigner. On the countryside, many people don´t speak English, especially the women. On other hand, Nepali sometimes feel uncomfortable to give negative answers to guests. Others may give wrong answers because they wish to get the reward. That´s why better our team will ask them at eye level.”