Tomorrow (June 6th) an extra search team will travel to Nepal to support Ruben and Paul in the search for Christiaan in the area of Jomsom and Pokhara. The team contains 3 friends. They won’t travel into the mountains, but will investigate scenario’s in which Christiaan would already be in a hospital or other places outside the mountains.

An IT company, run by a friend of Christiaan, set up an Facebook campain, aimed at people who live in Nepal or traveled to Nepal. The first reactions came in.


The site is also translated in English. We’re working on a Nepalese version.

Paul is ok. He sleeps at basecamp this evening. The dogs have searched further by the river, but didn’t find anything. Ruben has been in contact with the local police, a mountain unit of the army and the organisations who are making plans to set up more searches.