Impressive to see how everyone still sympathizes with us. Despite the holiday season and the decreasing amount updates on this website.

The piece of helmet has been researched. The results of the DNA research are here. The conclusion is: The DNA profile on the helmet has not the required 50% match with the DNA profile of his mother.

Pathologist Frank van de Goot says: “That means that the helmet has not been touched in such a way that a trace is left behind by Christiaan, or that because of transportation (water, rain, time, UV, mold and microbial activity) the profile that’s been present, is no longer detectable. “


In other words: it can still be the helmet of Christiaan, but his DNA profile is not detectable.

Meanwhile we prepare ourselves to see if and how we can continue the search when the monsoon is over.
Do you like to help or do you have any tips, please let us know through the tips page.