Pieter (Christiaan’s brother) shares the below prayer and asks everyone to pray for Christiaan with him, family and friends at Church on Sunday.

“Creator of heaven and earth. Creator of the mountains. The world is on fire. Thousands of people live in poverty, lack education, die from easily treatable diseases or are being raped, wounded or killed in wars.

In this world we are looking for 1 brother, son, acquaintance or friend with a hobby. To us, this is important now. We are sorry if, for the moment, we are forgetting about the rest of the world. Your word also applies to 1 lost sheep.

Thank you for going much further in your search for us than we are able to go in our search for Christiaan. You sent your Son. Thank you, Lord Jesus. You wandered the hills, walked on water, silenced storms and fed hundreds of people. You changed the course of history. You died for us. You stood up for us. You showed us that disease, pain, loneliness and death do not have the last word, but that there is a new future. We do not know if we will be able to go climb a mountain with Christiaan anytime soon. We do believe that when Your heaven has descended unto earth, we may stand on peaks. When the lion is able to lie down with the lamb, I expect we will be able to climb the Dhaulagiri without any danger.”