At this moment, there is an intensive search for new searching possibilities. The options below are made possible by, among others, the crowd funding activities. If you have any tips for other ways to find Christiaan, please let us know through the tips page.

Satellite images

An assignment has been given to a company that has satellite images at their disposal. An analysis of images before and after May 16th could produce interesting information. Unfortunately, these images are not of such a quality that a person can be recognized. It is possible to see differences in terrains (fallen rocks). Based on this, it might be possible to search on very specific places.


Additionally, the possibility of deploying drones is researched. There are 2 interesting options.

1. Deploying drones that make videos on places that are to dangerous for Paul and Pemba to come.
2. Deploying specialist drones in caves. (See video).