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Christiaan is missing
Christiaan departed on April 17 for a trip of 35 to 40 days to the summit of the 8167 meter high Dhaulagiri in the Himalayas. This mountain is located about 500 kilometers from Mount Everest. (Read more about his trip)

Search had started, covered by insurance
We’ve started a search for Christiaan. Fortunately Christiaan has a good insurance. The insurance company is helping us very well and helped us to search during the first few days. They made it possible to set up a search during the first few days. While the first days are over we have to consider the possibilities that the search will take longer. If we want to search longer, we have to pay the expenses for ourselves. Note: if Christiaan is found, the repatriation will be covered by the insurance.

We have to pay further searching ourselves
The costs for a further search are very high. See examples below:

  • Search with a helicopter (17.000 euro) – Assuming we will fly 3 times above alternative routes – 51.000 euro
  • Traveling expanses Dutch search team – 2000 euro
  • Team extra sherpa’s (250 euro per day per sherpa) Assuming 10 days, 2 sherpa’s – 5000 euro
  • We’re investigating the possibilities to use infrared camera’s en “search-drones”. The costs are unknown yet.

De uncertainty and pain of missing Christiaan is very big, but that doesn’t mean that we wil close our eyes for the suffering of other people. At the request of the family 10% of the donations will be spend on welfare projects in Nepal.

Total: 58,000 euro

Help us, donate now
You can help us by donating and help us continue the search for Christiaan.

Foundation Save Christiaan Wilson
The donations will be managed by the Foundation Save Christiaan Wilson. The foundation has the goal to (financially) support the search and repatriation of Christiaan. Any donations that we won’t have to spend on the search will be spend on welfare projects in Nepal.

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